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Common myths associated with diabetes
08/02/2016 6:24 pm

Having  diabetes surely makes alterations in your diet. However it never means that you cannot eat normally or what other persons are eating. There are some common myths associated with diabetes

 People having diabetes cannot eat sweets

 Its quite normal for people to have cravings for food specially "sweet dishes". Its equally safe for diabetics to indulge in sweet cravings as long as they can manage their blood sugar levels efficiently. Having little sweet wont cause any harm rather curbing yoru cravings might cause harm.

 Diabetics are not suppose to eat what normal people eat.

 Being diabetic is all about maintaining your blood sugar levels. As long as this can be achieved, its the diabetics can completely eat like other members in the family and not a so called "special meal"

 Diabetics should avoid starchy food

People suffering from diabetes are not suppose to stay completely away from starchy food like bread, potatoes etc. Though eating in moderation is recommended. 

 Diabetics should avoid eating salt

People suffering from diabetes should keep a check on the slat intake because the yare more prone to pressure problems and heart problems. However this does not mean that they have to put a stop on their salt intake.

Fat consumption is not good for diabetics

Fatty foods are not good for anyone. This is because it certainly leads to heart problems, cholesterol problems etc. Thse suffering from diabetics are not asked to refrain from total fat consumption. They however should consider having fats from sources like nuts, fish etc.

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