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Saying these words to a diabetic is a big No
06/06/2016 6:19 pm

Diabetes is something which is quite common with people all over the world. Make an effort to inspire someone with diabetes to retort to a healthy way of living. There are however few things which one must not say to a person suffering from diabetes

a) Never say it to a diabetic that his health condition is not deadly.Never remind him that the disease he is suffering from is not life risky. Its almost every minute challenge to live healthy, eat healthy and behave in a healthy manner to tackle the complications that may arise out of diabetes. Its a tough thing to keep testing and keep the cholesterol and blood sugar level in control

b) Never make the diabetic person feel humble by reminding him/her what they are not suppose to eat. They well know it, what is good for them and what they are not suppose to eat. Once in a while, a craving might occur. However, self disciplining is more important than someone telling you about what to eat and what not.

c) Do not give suggestions about healing diabetes unless you have a hundred percent proof about it. There is no miracle treatment which can cure diabetes completely. It can be kept in a check though healthy means of living. It feels quite depressing for the one who is suffering and living with diabetes each day

d) Never give examples of people who ahd been in critical conditions due to diabetes. This surely puts down the morale of the person suffering from diabetes. It weakens their strength to face the challenge and march ahead. It also adds to mental pressure by giving rise to fear symptoms. 

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